Custom made window coverings are manufactured to your specifications to fit your window openings exactly. They feature the highest quality components and come in a wide variety of colours and materials. Another perk is that they are also covered by the manufacturers warranty. Whereas ready made blinds are only manufactured in various standard sizes and in a limited number of colours and styles.

There are 3 main factors to consider when choosing custom window treatments: Function, Style, and Budget. 

Typically, the functional features that homeowners are looking for in a window covering are: Privacy, Security, Light Control, UV Protection, and Energy Efficiency. 

Blind Spot Edmonton carries many styles of window treatments to fit any budget. Our product range encompasses all three factors.

With the extreme weather conditions we face in Alberta, it is good to know which products not only look great, but are also energy efficient. This is beneficial as it can help lower your heating and cooling bills.


These shades are our most energy efficient window coverings available. They are composed of fabric arranged with honeycomb cells that trap air between the window and the homes interior. These insulating abilities result in less energy use and reduction in energy costs.  Not only do they come in a wide variety of fabrics, they can be single cell or double cell, double cell providing the highest level of energy efficiency.  


When installed properly, shutters can be great insulators. Windows struggle to retain heat but high quality shutters have the ability to keep warm air inside when the weather is cold, and keep warm air outside in the summer. Additionally, shutters limit the amount of condensation on your windows limiting mold and mildew growth.


These shades provide a spectrum of coverage from light filtering to complete blackout, which reduces the amount of heat that comes into a space. A blackout roller shade with side channels is the most efficient roller shade, as they remove gaps between the shade and the sill therefore stopping any light from seeping in. In addition, by blocking harmful UV rays, these shades help to protect your furniture and carpets from fading, as well as reducing glare.

These 3 types of window coverings are not the only options we have to save energy. If you have further questions on some of our other products do not hesitate to contact us!

It may not be your favorite task, but cleaning your blinds is an essential part of your window treatment maintenance. Regular cleaning keeps your blinds looking great and enhances longevity.

To clean dust, dirt, and pet hair off of your blinds, you will need a few tools such as a duster, a vacuum with a brush, and a microfiber cloth. Clean both sides of the blinds and dust them from top to bottom.

If your blinds need a little more elbow grease than a vacuum or cloth, consider using a gentle cleaning solution that is appropriate for the material of your blinds.

Every window covering is different and we can help with any questions you might have about maintaining your blinds.

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